Considering dermal fillers or anti wrinkle cosmetic injections?

  So you’re in the process of researching which clinic is best for your anti-wrinkle or dermal fillers? Well to help you out Victorian Cosmetic Institute have created a list of must ask questions before choosing your clinic or practitioner. … Continued

Q&A – Laser Hair Removal

‘I want Laser Hair Removal, but I’m a bit nervous that it will hurt. Can you please explain more about the process?’ Nerves are perfectly normal, most people are a little uneasy when considering trying a new treatment. We understand … Continued

How does facial skin lose quality?

In this week’s post we’re asking Dr Natasha Moscato about how our facial skin loses it quality as we age and what the warning signs are. Dr Moscato says she notices that with time peoples cheeks start to drop which … Continued

Laser or Scalpel?

Dr Sara Mullen shares her thoughts on this question facing many patients. When using a laser, you’re dealing with the skin condition, texture, tone and pigmentation which the knife can’t do. So the knife is really about lifting and reducing … Continued