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Article Medically reviewed by Dr. Gavin Chan (MBBS, cosmetic physician, liposuctionist)

Dr. Gavin Chan

Templestowe Lower and Berwick Clinics

Dr. Gavin Chan has a background in intensive care, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine. Since 2004, Dr. Chan has provided cosmetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, liposuction, fat transfer, skin needling, and laser treatments. He is a doctor trainer for various dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.
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Cosmedix skin care is a range of products that are medically based and contain active ingredients to noticeably change and improve your skin. Whether you have problems with pigmentation, pores, acne, redness, dullness, or just want better skin, Cosmedix will have a product that will improve and enhance your skin.

Cosmedix is a line of skin care products that strives to produce healthy skin without the irritation that is common in other skin care brands. Many products include ingredients such as acids that strip away layers of skin in order to reveal the fresh skin underneath. This can lead to severe skin irritation and redness for some people. Cosmedix uses effective ingredients that are safe and overall beneficial to allow skin to look and feel fabulous without irritation.

The calming and nourishing effects of Cosmedix are achieved by using ingredients that are chirally proportionate. Ingredients that are chirally correct are those that have been processed to retain only the properties that do not cause irritation. By maximizing the potential of molecules that react with the skin in a positive manner, the likelihood for adverse reactions is greatly minimized. The result is skin that is devoid of redness and irritation.

Cosmedix is recognized within the cosmetics industry pioneer in the area of chirally appropriate skin care. The Cosmedix line of skincare is consistently recommended by skin care experts such as dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and physicians because of its ability to enhance the treatment results. It is free from common irritants such as artificial colors and unnecessary preservatives.

Because of the scientific breakthroughs utilized in the formulation of Cosmedix products, the active ingredients in the formulas are at the highest concentration of any other product on the market. This allows users to achieve positive results in a relatively short period of time without redness or irritation. Cosmedix is an effective treatment for those who suffer from common age-related skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Its active ingredients are also helpful in reducing hyper pigmentation and acne scars, and can help to reduce redness and brighten the complexion. While the chemistry behind the formulations might seem complex, the goal of Cosmedix is quite simple: to help users achieve the glowing, radiant skin that nature intended. This is achieved by reducing the number of irritating additives by increasing the concentration of chirally correct ingredients to produce skin that is healthy.

At The Victorian Cosmetic Institute, our doctors or nurses can tailor a Cosmedix skin care regime to suit your skin. This is an important part of the process and in order to find a combination to suit your skin, you will need to book an assessment with one of our medical staff. There are some generalised routines for cosmedix you can follow below, but these are a guide only. A proper assessment will ensure a regime that is more closely suited to your skin type.

Suggested Cosmedix Regimes

Very Oily skin/large pores

AM: Use Purity clean, Purity balance mixed with Pure C crystals, and Reflect. Mystic spray during the day for moisture.
PM: Use Purity clean, Purity balance, Define or Refine Plus to start.

Consider regular purity peels (performed by a medical professional). Consider mineral make-up to reduce pore blockage and further acne.

Very Dry skin

AM: Use Benefit clean, Affirm or Radiance mixed with Pure C crystals, Serious/pure protection, and Emulsion.
PM: Use Benefit clean, Define or refine (4%), Emulsion, and Rescue balm some nights as a mask.

Consider regular Benefit peels (performed by a medical professional).

Acneic skin  with mostly blackheads

AM: Purity clean, Purity Balance, Defy, Reflect, and Mystic spray for moisture.
PM: Purity clean, Refine (4%), Clarity serum or Clear mask every few nights as tolerated.

Acneic skin with mostly cysts/redness

AM: Purity clean, Purity Balance, Reflect, and Mystic spray for moisture.
PM: Purity clean, Define, Clarity serum or Clear mask every few nights as tolerated.


AM: Use Benefit clean, Affirm, Reflect or Protect if some moisture is needed.
PM: Use Benefit clean, Affirm, Protect if moisture is needed.

Sensitive skin

AM: Use Benefit clean, Affirm with Pure C (if tolerated), Reflect or Serious/ Pure Protection, Emulsion if skin is dry, Phytoharmony or Phytoclear if skin is not dry.
PM: Use Benefit  clean, Affirm with Pure C (once AM dose is tolerated), Emulsion if skin is dry, Phytoharmony or Phytoclear if skin not dry.

  • Cosmedix retinoids tend to be quite irritating on rosacea prone skin. We tend to recommend products such as Osmosis’ Mend and Calm instead for sensitive skin.
  • Not for peels.

Pigmented skin

AM: Use Purity cleanser, Purity balance with Pure C, Lightening or Lightening MD, Serious / Pure protection, moisturiser of your choice.
PM: Use Purity cleanser, Refine 4%, moisturiser or your choice.

  • Consider Kligman’s formula instead of Lightening/Lightening MD/Refine 4% (prescription required from doctor) especially if pigmentation is hormonal (melasma/chloasma)
  • Consider laser for pigmentation including the Medlite and Gemini Lasers. Consider a mineral make-up for added SPF protection.
  • These recommendations may not suit sensitive skin.
  • Due to the wide range of selections in the Cosmedix range, it is best for you to have an assessment of your skin by one of our medical staff to tailor a custom-made program suited to your skin. Some of the products, especially those containing retinols (refine 4%, refine 8%, define, and refine MD), as well as the Cosmedix Peels are best used under medical supervision and advice.
  • Cosmedix RESULTS RX range

Cosmedix Rx is a new physician only branch that has more active ingredients in each product for even better results with less side effects.

Individual products from Cosmedix Rx range

A Solution (vitamin A & triple AHA serum) 15ml

A powerful blend of chirally correct alpha hydroxy acids and AGP Complex. Exfoliates, brightens and softens skin, and diminishes large pores. The addition of Noble Prize winning ingredient, Fullersomes, provides an important complex of nutrients essential for radiant skin.
Home Care: Apply to clean skin at night. May also be used during the day, but must be used in conjunction with proper sunblock. If irritation occurs, reduce amount and/or frequency of use.

ICC (intensive care concentrate restorative serum) 15ml

Soothe and speed recovery of traumatized skin with this rejuvenating formula. Rich emollients combine with L-alpha bisabolol and oat beta glucan, an immune stimulant, to deliver antioxidants and soothing agents to the skin for a simply miraculous result.
Home Care: Ideal for post-peel/laser treatments. Apply to clean skin in need of soothing.

Rescue Rx (recovery balm) 15ml

This unique formulation contains natural antioxidants, as well as shea butter and copper to soothe red, irritated skin. Improves adverse effects associated with laser and resurfacing treatments or surgery. This perfect potion will aid the skin, either post procedure or any time irritation exists.
Home Care: Apply to clean skin as needed for recovery. May be used as a mask or balm.

DNA Factor 15ml

This superior product contains all the ingredients necessary to prevent and help repair ageing signs. It contains growth factors, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, as well as the ultimate mitochondria extract to give energy to the cells. Formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth, minimize the appearance of fine lines, enhance the skin’ texture and diminish the appearance of age spots.
Home Care: Moisten hands, add dime-sized drop and smooth over area using quick circular motions. Use day and/or night.

N-Zyme (exfoliating treatment) 15ml

Soothe, exfoliate and purify the skin with this highly effective, rejuvenating skin treatment. Especially beneficial after resurfacing treatments to remove sloughing skin and clear any post-procedure blemishes.
Home Care: Apply to clean skin in a circular motion. Leave on for up to ten minutes, then rinse well with tepid water.

X-Age (age management remedy) 30ml

Miraculously improve your skin’s appearance, leaving it softer, firmer and virtually flawless. The soy biopeptides provide rapid firming of your skin with long-term revitalizing benefits. Rich in phytoestrogens and AGP complex to diminish wrinkling, and contains L-sodium hylauronate to keep skin supple and hydrated.

Post peel/laser/surgery Home Care: Apply day and/or night to clean skin.

Acne Control Serum (acne medication) 15ml

The results are clear – breakouts are banished for good with this innovative combination of azelaic acid, salicylic acid and totoral. This concentrated serum controls oil while reducing the appearance of redness and tightening pores.

Acne Control Mask (acne treatment) 60ml

This potent mixture of cleansing clays and sulfur. By removing excess oil, exfoliating dead skin cells and purifying the skin, this treatment helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming. Also contains natural ingredients to soothe and calm, allowing the skin to heal.

REDuce (anti-redness serum) 30ml

This soothing complex of jojoba, rose hip seed oil, willow herb and vitamins is essential part of post-treatment care. Fortified with the potent antioxidant totarol, it de-stresses skin.

Eye Doctor (high potency eye treatment) 8ml

Finally, a liquid eye crystal serum that replenishes damaged, thinning skin around the eyes. The ultimate combination of AGP complex and cococin growth factors to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The addition of copper complex provides potent strengthening for the delicate eye tissue.

Pepoxide (antioxidant peptide concentrate) 15ml

Revitalize the skin with essential peptide amino acids and growth factors. A powerhouse serum that is formulated with the latest innovations in skin care – including rhodiola to inhibit tyrinase activity and melanin synthesis – totarol for antioxidant protection, and L-glutathione to prevent discolouration caused by UV damage.

UV Recovery (UV support serum) 15ml

A powerhouse of protective ingredients – including Tocomin, Umbilicalis (Red Algae) Extract and Thioredoxin – that defends skin before and after exposure to external irritants. Especially for those who are exposed to UV rays on a regular basis.

Refine Rx (vitamin A resurfacing serum) 15ml

A potent, skin-refinishing complex that helps diminish fine lines, and improve the skin’ texture, colour, firmness and smoothness to reveal vibrant and radiant skin. Contains a unique combination of L-lactic acid, amino acids and AGP Complex.

X-cellerate (skin rejuventation serum) 15grams

Exceptional skin brightening and stimulating corrective serum. L-arbutin and AGP Complex come together with powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts to gently exfoliate, revealing lighter, brighter, more evenly toned skin. A chirally-correct, non-irritating alternative to hydroquinone.

Lightening Rx (brightening serum) 30ml

Brighten your way to remarkable skin with this unique formula that gently exfoliates and brightens age spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. Epidermal growth factors, L-arbutin and L-lactic acid, along with licorice root and daisy flower extracts, join forces for unprecedented skin clarity and brightness!

Protect Rx (daily moisturising and sunscreen) 30ml

This full spectrum, naturally based moisturizer utilizes ZinClear for powerful non-irritating protection. ZinClear is the most advanced form of zinc oxide, proven to provide remarkable protection against the drying effects of the sun’ damaging rays.

Serious / Pure Protection 120ml

Full spectrum, high-quality, moisturizing environmental protector for all skin types. This non-irritating, chemical and fragrance-free formula protects against the drying effects of the sun’ harmful rays, and can be used on the face or body.

Reflect Rx (UV protection mist) 120ml

This remarkable, chemical-free spray formula not only provides total protection, but also provides the added benefit of antioxidants to minimize damage and premature aging simply spray and go!

Gentle Clean (sensitive skin cleanser) 100ml

This mild cleansing agent is ideal for removing makeup and ridding the skin of dirt, oils and impurities. The nourishing natural extracts, D-aloe and shea butter, make this cleanser perfect for sensitive skin types, as it rejuvenates, purifies and soothes. Skin is left clean, clear and radiant.

Rx Clean (exfoliating cleanser) 100ml

This ultimate purifying cleanser exfoliates and washes away excess oils and impurities for a fresher complexion. The natural antiseptic properties of tea tree oil combine with L-lactic acid to gently exfoliate, cleanse, soften and prepare skin for daily treatments.

Cosmedix Range (original)

Correct & Stimulate

CosMedix recognises the tremendous effect that our overall health has on our skin. By targeting inflammation through unique strategies, we have enhanced the results of our skin care and improved the well being of our clients.

The Correct Kit

Convenient travel bag of four 15ml products. Contains 15mL versions of ; Benefit cleanser, Affirm, Define, and Protect. A good starter kit for those wanting to try Cosmedix for the first time (see below for more information about these four products).

Purity Clean

Exfoliating Cleanser. Contains L-lactic acid which is an alpha-hydroxy acid that helps to exfoliate epidermal skin cells. Also contains essential peppermint oil as an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Excellent for oilier skin types.

Purity Balance

Exfoliating Prep. A toner for those with oily, acne prone, and sun-damaged skin. Not suited to more sensitive type skins. Has anti-bacterial action, is mildly exfoliating, unclogs follicles, and brightens skin. Can be used for acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, and before chemical peels. For more sensitive skin, try Benefit balance/cleanser.


Vitamin A Resurfacing Treatment. Contains 2% L-retinol. Useful for all skin types, acne, sun-damaged skin, dull skin, rosacea, and hyperpigmented skin. This is the lowest strength retinol in the Cosmedix range. A good start to retinols due to its lower strength. Also suited to sensitive skins. Retinols help with skin turnover, hence reducing the amount of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and simultaneously improving acne, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems. (see ‘Refine’ below for higher concentrations of retinol).

Lightning serum

Lightening serums containing L-arbutin, a naturally occurring skin lightener and an alternative to hydroquinone. It is less irritating than hydroquinone on the skin, and has less chance of causing rebound pigmentation if ceased, and there is no possibility of making the pigmentation worse (as can sometimes be seen with hydroquinone). Also causes less inflammation than hydroquinone so it can be a good treatment for those with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Clarity serum

An all natural serum for treating acne. It blocks hormonal stimulation of sebum, exfoliates, is anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Contains L-retinol, Niacinamide (Vitamin B), D-cholic acid, Acetyl salicylic acid, tea tree oil, stone root extract, aloe vera, pregnenolone, witch hazel, and glycerin amongst others.


Age Management Exfoliator.  Excellent for gently removing the top layers of dead skin and thus helping other ingredients to better penetrate the skin. Contains a mix of alpha-hydroxy acids to help exfoliate skin. Also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. It can be used in combination with Refine to achieve more dramatic results.


Age Management Serum. A nourishing serum to help combat aged/sun-damaged skin. It protects against free radicals and stimulates new collagen and elastin production. Contains L-glutathione, Aminoguanidine, spin trap, epidermal growth factors, alpha-lipoic acid, copper peptides, and L-superoxide dismutase – all powerful anti-oxidants for the skin.

Refine and Refine plus

Refinishing Treatment. Contains L-retinol, a potent derivative of vitamin A to help increase skin turnover, promote new collagen and elastin growth, reduce fine lines,a and prevent acne formation. Due to its ‘chirality’ ie it is present in the ‘L’ form, it has less irritation than other retinoids such as Retin-A or Stieva-A, with increased effectiveness. We do recommend that you discuss this treatment with one of our doctors before commencement, as it can be irritating to the skin and not tolerated well by all skin types. Not suitable for use in pregnant or lactating mothers.

Pure Enzymes

Exfoliating Mask. A refreshing yet powerful cranberry enzyme and lactic acid mask. It exfoliates, softens and protects the skin. A good way to ‘clean up’ the last traces of sloughing skin after a chemical peel, or to simply to use periodically as an exfoliating mask. Excellent to soften sebum plugs to help the removal of blackheads. Has anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, moisturising, and calming properties. Suitable for sun-damaged, hyperpigmented, dry, scaly, acne prone, or acneic skin. Contains cranberry D-catechin, L-Lactic acid, D-glucuronic, L-superoxide dismutase, and L-glutathione. Can be used 1 to 4 times weekly or 2 to 3 times a month. Smooth a thin layer of enzymes on a clean dry skin and leave on from 3 to 15 minutes only, then remove.

Eye Believe

Liquid Crystal Serum. This is the ultimate eye serum that combines the protective qualities of liquid crystals and Spin Trap, with the collagen/elastin stimulating and repair properties of copper peptides and alpha-lipoic acid.

Pure C

Mixing Crystals. An excellent anti-oxidant for skin. Present in L-ascorbic acid, a stable powder form of Vitamin C that is mixed with water or other Cosmedix products and applied to the skin. It brightens the skin, inhibits melanin, increases collagen production, repairs damaged skin, reduces sun damage, and increases circulation.

Correct & Repair

Products in this group assist the skin’s natural healing process by either providing support to the barrier or as anti-inflammatory ingredients.

emulsion hydrator moisturiser


Intense Hydrator. Emulsion is a deeply penetrating moisturiser that is an extremely soothing and hydrating night treatment for dry, sensitive, and irritated skin. It is suitable for use after peels, microdermabrasion, and all resurfacing treatments. Contains Shea butter, liquid crystals, spin trap, blueberry extract and Jojoba oil.

Benefit Clean

Gentle Cleanser .Benefit Cleanser is a very gentle cleanser that does not dry the skin and is more suitable to drier or sensitive skin types. Contains Zeolite, which is a unique ingredient that traps and removes heavy metal and environmental pollutants, make-up and dirt. As with all Cosmedix products, it is sodium lauryl sulfate free (a preservative), to minimise irritation to the skin. Contains Shea butter, Zeolite, D-glucuronic, and L-menthol.

Benefit Balance

Antioxidant Prep. Benefit Balance is a toner containing anti-oxidants and environmental protection solution. Suitable for all skin types, it contains a number of anti-oxidants that protect DNA and membrane lipids from free radicals. Suitable for hypersensitive skin, post-operatively, post-peel, post-laser, melasma, pigmentation, environmental/sun damage. Contains L-lactic acid, heavy water, citric acid, D-aloe vera, L-glutatione, L-methol, D-glucuronic, and green tea extact. Spritz on the skin morning and evening. Excellent for use with Pure C.


Clarifying Mask for acne prone skins or active acne. An absorbent clay that is a medical strength clarifier with sulfur and salicylic acid that reduces excess oiliness, soothes inflamed skin, and improves immunity without drying the skin. Also helps unclog pores and brighten skin. Contains colloidal minerals, L-tartaric acid, salicylic acid, L-arbutin, Niacinamide, L-ascorbic acid, willow herb, L-malaleuca, D-alpha tocopherol, and allantoin. Can be used as a spot treatment or as a mask. May use from 3 times a week to daily.


Balm & Mask. A calming and moisturising mix to be used as a balm post microdermabrasion, peel, laser, or just for very dry skins. Relieves symptoms of irritated/inflamed skin. Immediately calms and helps to restore the skin to its healthy condition. Is also anti-inflammatory, emollient, antibacterial, and helps with skin healing, treats redness and is an anti-oxidant. Can be used post-peel, post-laser, post-waxing, for eczema, dermatatis, and as a hydrating mask treatment. Contains shea butter, d-alpha tocopherol, willow herb, borage oil, L-mandelic acid, D-boldine,  and copper peptides. Can be used on cleansed skin for a few minutes or overnight.


Clarifying Moisturiser.  This unique formula is especially beneficial to those suffering from acne and/or menopausal skin. Hydrates the skin whilst reducing oil and bacteria, and repairs and stimulates collagen. Contains soy isoflavones, DHEA, D-cholic acid, pregnenolone, niacinamide, and D-cholic acid. Can be used morning and  night on cleansed skin.


Balancing Moisturiser. This moisturising, collagen/elastin stimulating formula is especially for those with peri-menopausal and menopausal skin types. It uses phytohormones to replenish the skin’s valuable stores and revitalise aging skin. Contains soy isoflavones, DHEA, L-pipecolic, L-glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, and niacinamide. Can be used morning and evening on cleansed skin.


Antioxidising Firming Serum. Used as a daily anti-oxidant superforumla. Packed with highly active anti-oxidants, this temporarily tightens skin and helps with the correction and prevention of photo-damage. Suitable for all skin conditions. Contains D-boldine, tensor tightening serum, cassia betaglycan,  resveratrol, polydatin, L-ascaridole, spin trap, thioredoxin, catalase, blueberry extract, L-glutathione, L-superoxide dismutase, D-alpha tocopherol, green tea extract, fullerenes, aminoguanidine, heavy water and D-beta glucosamine. An excellent product to combine with Pure C mixing crystals.


Hydrating Treatment. A spray-on moisturising mist. A soothing mist for tired, dried out skin. Excellent for air travel and for those with acne-prone skin that normal moisturisers are too oily for. Contains heavy water, D-glucorunic, L-alpha bisabolol, D-aloe vera, Cassia betaglycan, and L-limonene. Mist on the skin anytime added moisture/hydration is needed. Can be misted over make-up, simply spritz and leave to dry.

Correct & Protect

These products reduce inflammation in the skin by reflecting potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Pure Protection

All Natural Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide . Mild moisturising effect. Maximal UV protection. A full spectrum, high quality sun block for all skin types. This is a non-irritating formula that protects the skin against UVA/UVB and UVC rays. Can be used on the face or body and is water resistant. Contains micronised Titanium dioxide, phenybenzimidazole-5-sulfonic acid, micronised zinc oxide, and zirconium oxide. Use 15 minutes prior to sun exposure for daily protection.


Mineral Foundation (not available at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute. See section on Glo-minerals instead)


Daily Moisturising and SPF 17 in one. This is a daily therapeutic, moisturising, sunscreen that provides full UVA/UVB protection. this treatmetn moisturiser contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable for all skin types, but it is especially suited to those who have a tendency towards dryness. Contains zinc oxide, jojoba, wheat germ oil, squalene, glycerin, d-tocopherol, citric acid, olive oil, sandalwood essential oils, and vanilla essential oil.

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Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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