Traditional Liposuction

Dr. Chan demonstrates how traditional liposuction utilizes a cannula constructed with a vertical opening that acts as a rasping device that forcefully detaches fat cells from where they are located. The cannula then suctions the loosened cells into a holding container. The physician explains the procedure requires extensive arm and shoulder movement while operating the device in order to loosen and remove the cells. The dynamic back and forth action required during traditional liposuction creates sizable tissue trauma. Because the cannula forcibly separates the tissue in various areas, the results include extensive bruising and swelling to the sites receiving cannula exposure. The physical strength and endurance required to perform the procedure fatigues the surgeon, which many times inhibits the procedure from providing better quality results.

Power Assisted Liposuction

Dr. Chan also demonstrates how power assisted liposuction incorporates the use of a motor that rapidly oscillates the cannula a few millimetres in direction. This movement appears as if the cannula were vibrating quickly. Using this method of liposuction gently loosens and removes fat cells. The Cosmetic Doctor explains the benefits of this innovative technology for the patient and the physician. The advanced cannula design causes less trauma to the patient, resulting in less bruising, swelling and recovery times. As the air-powered cannula performs most of the movement independently, the procedure requires no physical force from the cosmetic surgeon. The physician does not become fatigued and can perform the procedure slowly and accurately. This enables a greater degree of efficiency in removing undesired cells, producing more natural, dramatic results.

The advancement in cosmetic technology ensures patients receive better quality results with less discomfort and fewer adverse effects. The technology also provides cosmetic surgeons with a high precision tool that enhances skill with little physical effort.