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Skin needling patient diary (VCI)

This is the diary of a patient who presented for skin needling using the 3mm skin needling rollers. She had sedation for the procedure as well as local anaesthetic injected to numb the skin. The procedure took a total of two hours.

Day 0-1

Still very drowsy post procedure and the swelling became apparent. One eyelid started to develop a bit of swelling also.

(NB: Dressings are removed after 24 hours.)

skin needling image day 3
Day 2-3

Lots and lots of swelling, seemed to be gathering even more in the eyelids. The skin was extremely sensitive and felt as if bruised underneath. Itchiness started. Break out of acne in the lower half of my face more.

skin needling image day 4

Day 4

Still quite itchy and also now a tingling feeling like pins and needles under the skin at intermittent times. Swelling has almost gone. Acne still there.

Day 5-9 

All swelling has gone, still redness and the skin especially around my mouth and the chin is dryer than the rest. Most of pimples are gone.

skin needling image day 5

Day 12 

The skin is now completely healed and sensitivity is back to normal, only marginal redness remains and the breakout has completely cleared up. Very happy with the results already.

skin needling image day 12