Question about Liposuction: hi i would only want a smidgen of fat off q2452


Hi, I would only want a smidgen of fat off my stomach and maybe the hips so its even. I’m generally a small girl anyway but I wanted to know about when would be the best time. I have had a child but want more. I didn’t get any stretch marks or saggy skin I walked out the hospital back to a size 8 after birth so I don’t think it would make much difference either way but I want your advice and what I would need to do to get a quote on just those areas. I don’t live here I’m in Darwin. I do have an appointment there on 11th June for something else and then leaving.


We generally advise having liposuction before children. The skin of the abdomen is stretched with pregnancy, and this makes it more difficult to remove fat without causing the skin to be loose. We have to moderate our liposuction to make sure this doesn’t happen. If you don’t have stretch marks, this is a good sign that the skin is elastic and less likely to have wrinkling or looseness post liposuction.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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