Question about Gynaecmastia-man-boobs: I am interested to find out whether i have gynaecomastia q294


I am interested to find out whether I have gynaecomastia or simply just some excess fat in the chest area (pseudo-gynaecomastia) – if i just have fat i would like to know if exercise will get rid or it and if not then what is required.

Can you assist this or do I need to see my normal GP?


Usually an ultrasound of the chest can help to work out if you have true gynaecomastia (glandular tissue beneath the nipple) or pseudo-gynaecomastia (just fat). Exercise can help a little with pseudo-gynaecomastia, but often liposuction is required. Exercise will not help at all with true gynaecomastia, only surgery will fix this problem in most cases. We can do all the necessary tests for you, and treatment.

Dr. Gavin Chan
Dr. Gavin Chan

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