Body plastic surgery procedures

Underarm lift

Facial plastic surgery procedures available


Breast augmentation

The surgical enlargement of the breasts using artificial implants may be an option for women who are not satisfied with their breast shape and size. This may be for a number of reasons: insufficient development, disease, trauma or post-pregnancy loss.

This procedure is called augmentation mammoplasty and is available to women of any age as long as their health is good.

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Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is an option for women who are trying to ease the physical symptoms caused by the weight of excessively large breasts. The procedure is called ‘reduction mammoplasty’ and is available to all healthy women.
It is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excessive breast tissue and reshaping of the breast. In addition to making the breast smaller, it repositions the breast higher on the chest, decreasing the amount of sag?