Lumenis Ultrapulse fractional carbon dioxide laser and Candela Smoothbeam laser

The Lumenis Ultrapulse fractional carbon dioxide laser has arrived at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute. We have performed treatments on a few patients, and so far the results appear very promising. Fractional carbon dioxide lasers utilise new technology that fires small columns of laser into the skin, leaving the skin in between the laser columns intact. This aids with skin healing times and reduces the risk of the procedure. Post-laser care with the patients treated so far has been much easier and simpler than other forms of laser resurfacing that we have used so far.

There are two different hand pieces on the laser, the Active Fx and the Deep Fx. The Active Fx handpiece doesn’t penetrate as deeply as the Deep Fx handpiece, but has a greater density of coverage with the columns of laser fired into the skin. This hand pieces is used more for superficial or fine wrinkles and pigmentation problems. The Deep Fx fires smaller columns of laser energy into the skin than the Active Fx, and these columns penetrate much deeper – up to 2mm. The Deep Fx hand pieces induces significant skin tightening/contraction and its deeper penetration allows for the treatment of problems such as acne scarring or deeper wrinkles.

Overall, we are finding the fractional carbon dioxide very useful, and we are able to strike a good balance with this laser between recovery periods and results – something that has always been difficult to do.

For more information on the Lumenis Ultrapulse laser, click here.

We are also expecting delivery of a Candela Smoothbeam laser in late July. This machine targets the root of the problem of acne – the sebaceous gland. It helps to reduce activity in this gland and reduce its output and subsequently help reduce acne.