iPhone app for acne?

Here is a novel invention by dermatologist, Dr. Greg Pearson. He has made an iPhone app that is supposed to help fight acne! The iPhone app works by making the iPhone LED screen emit both red and blue light at a specific wavelength. Although it seems slightly unusual, there is actually a scientific basis to it all. LED phototherapy for acne is a known technique of treating this problem. It uses red and blue LED light to treat acne – and this has been emulated by Dr. Pearson’s iPhone app. Blue light can help to reduce counts of the bacteria, propionibacterium acnes, that cause acne, and red LED light can help to reduce the inflammation associated with acne.

One major difference between the LED treatment from the iPhone app, and dedicated LED phototherapy LED lights is of course the later is much more powerful. From a clinical perspective, I don’t know whether the LED lights of the iPhone will be strong enough to make a difference, but the principles are sound.

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[youtube src=www.youtube.com/embed/PlOBlQ97M4s]