Platelet rich plasma – exploiting the natural healing properties of platelets in your own blood

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a cutting edge technique that involves the use of your own platelets from your own blood to help speed the regeneration of tissues. It has used in fields such as orthopaedics and sports medicine to help speed recovery from injury or operations. In the body, platelets help to clot the blood, and then subsequently release growth factors that help to heal the injury that caused the bleeding. PRP treatments essentially involve the extraction of your own blood (like a blood test), separating the plasma (that contain high numbers of platelets), from the red blood cells, and the reinjecting the platelet rich plasma into the treatment area.

In the cosmetic world, it has been used to help the skin to heal from procedures such as laser resurfacing, and also injected into skin to help improve the quality of skin.

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