Fraxel and melasma

Melasma is a common condition that affects mostly women. It is characterised by pigmentation that is located on the forehead, cheeks, between the brows, or upper lip in most cases. Melasma has always been a difficult problem to treat. Lasers such as the Medlite laser have been used successfully to help break down the pigmentation, and have no downtime. Usually multiple sessions are required though.

Of late, we have had some very impressive results treating melasma with the Fraxel’s new wavelength (1927nm) , even on olive or darker skin types. The laser essentially heats tiny columns in the skin, allowing the pigmentation to be extruded out of these columns. The results have amazed us! The downtime for this treatment is about 4-5 days, depending on the level of treatment. Patient feedback has been very positive, with reports of much more even skin tone, improved skin texture / smoothness, and of course, improvements in the melasma.

It must be remembered that laser treatment of melasma is only part of the overall treatment. It is important to avoid and reduce UV exposure, as well as use appropriate skin care to help reduce pigmentation production.

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