Coupons for cosmetic injections?!

Scoopon, JumpOnIt, and Cudo. These are the catchy names of companies that offer large, time-limited discounts on services or items, enticing you to buy or try something that maybe you wouldn’t have ordinarily. And with discounts as high as 90%, sometimes these offers seem too good to refuse!

Recently, cosmetic clinics have been offering cosmetic injections on these ‘deal websites’. This rings quite a few alarm bells for me. Firstly, cosmetic injections are a regulated health service, and the advertising of them must follow strict guidelines so that the potential consumer can make an educated and informed decision on whether this product is right for them. Given the fact that payment for the procedure on these sites is required prior to a consultation with the medical practitioner, this may negatively impact on the consumers potential to make a proper decision.

Also, it begs the question, why do these clinics need to advertise in this way? With such large percentage discounts, and with the advertising company also taking a large percentage of the profits, how do these cosmetic clinics provide a proper service with such a small margin. Something’s gotta give, and it is usually the quality of the service or product. Or could they be making a loss on the deal, and trying to upsell you another product?

Either way, cosmetic clinics should be focusing on providing excellent service and products, and allowing their customers to do the (free) marketing for them if they are happy with what they have had.