The Victorian Cosmetic Institute Q&A

How does facial skin lose quality?

In this week’s post we’re asking Dr Natasha Moscato about how our facial skin loses it quality as we age and what the warning signs are.

Dr Moscato says she notices that with time peoples cheeks start to drop which cause Nasal Labial folds (the lines down from the nose to the mouth), the corners of the mouth also start to drop which is through gravity and volume loss. Gravity effects and volume loss will cause your skin to droop.

Expression lines that have been created over time begin to form more and become deeper. So for example as a 20 year old you will frown and smile, and you will have those lines created but they don’t stay there because the skin is of high quality and there is a lot of collagen and there isn’t enough time for those lines to form. Yet when you reach 30 years of age you can begin to see that those lines are starting to stay there. So the once dynamic lines (dynamic means in motion) are becoming static. According to Dr Moscato this is the time when you really want to try and get in there before they become static lines and that’s why you never too young to start. Dr Moscato says that it is around this time is when people start to come in.

Fear not ladies as you get older you can still soften those lines, but you may need the help of a dermal filler to fill it and anti-wrinkle injections.

Volume loss is very detrimental to the quality of one’s skin and Dr Moscato uses the analogy that we start as grapes, and then we lose volume and become a scrunched up sultana.

Volume is often lost from say the cheek area and temples, other than ageing weight loss and illness can also cause volume loss. Volume is often lost from around the eye area, and you start to become skeletal looking as the bones appear harsher which can be quite ageing.

For Dr Moscato the one way to help with volume loss is to come in and have a dermal filler. Having a filler will not only help with volume loss it will also soften the features to help your skin to look fresh and more rejuvenated. A dermal filler may also assist in ‘glamourizing’ the face by restoring cheeks that may have dropped by giving them a boost and putting them back into position

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