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Eye bag removal advice from Dr Gavin Chan

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “why do my eyes look so baggy?” Or maybe someone has asked you if you’re feeling tired, even though you’ve had a great sleep? If you’ve answered yes, you’re not alone. So what are eye bags and is there anything that can be done to remove them? Since 2005, Dr Gavin Chan (MBBS, Cosmetic Doctor, Liposuctionist) has successfully treated eye bags.

According to Dr Gavin Chan, eye bags are actually a prolapse of the fat that’s beneath the eye in the lower eyelid. This can be genetic or can occur with aging. Another thing that can cause the appearance of eye bags is the presence of a trough (called a tear trough) underneath the eye bag. This tear trough is a ligament that pulls the area down underneath the fat pad. The result of this pulling down action is that the fat pad bulges, creating a tear trough that’s attached to a sunken in area under the eye.

The treatment of eye bags

The treatment of eye bags can be both non-surgical (tear trough) and surgical (Blepharoplasty). In some cases, non-surgical would be better, and in some cases, surgical would be better. Some patients get both surgical and non-surgical treatment of their eye bags.

According to Dr Gavin Chan, if you have a lot of fat under the eye, this may need to be removed with lower lid blepharoplasty. The doctor often makes an incision through the conjunctival or the red part of the eye. Through this incision they’ll take out fat, resulting in a scar free operation.

If you don’t like the idea of having eye bag surgery, there are other non-surgical options to consider. Dermal fillers can be used to fill up the trough, or the area beneath the lower eyelid. They effectively lift the trough back up to the level of the eye bag underneath. This will give you a more even transition from the lower eyelid to the cheek. It’s important to note that in cases where there’s quite severe fat herniation or fat bulge, dermal fillers may not give you the most ideal outcome.

At the consultation with your Cosmetic Doctor they will assess whether you need eyelid surgery first. In some cases, eyelid surgery carries the risk of taking out too much fat. If this happens, dermal fillers can be used to add volume to the area.

Non-surgical eye bag and tear trough removal using dermal fillers

Since 2005 we have used dermal fillers to successfully treat eye bags and correct tear troughs. Dermal fillers are made from a clear gel comprised of a substance that is naturally found in the skin (hyaluronic acid). We use several dermal filler brands but due to Therapeutic Goods Administration rules, we’re not able to name them.

It is important to note that the tear trough area can be hard to treat with dermal fillers. Our experienced, and highly trained Cosmetic Doctors and Cosmetic Nurses prefer to ‘under fill’ rather than ‘over fill’ the tear trough area. Over filling the under eye area with dermal fillers can increase the appearance of ‘tiredness ‘ or make patients appear like they have been crying View this video to see dermal filler trough correction.
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The best way to reduce your eye bags without dermal fillers or surgery

If you’re undecided about having eye bag surgery or dermal filler treatment for your eye bags, there is another option! We can also use Ultherapy to tighten and lift your eye bag skin. Using ultrasound waves to a deep point beneath your skin, Ultherapy provides a completely non-invasive alternative that can effectively combat subtle under eye bags. This eye bag treatment heats and coagulates skin proteins that stimulate collagen formation while tightening and lifting the skin.
This deep, targeted heat can effectively treat your problematic deep skin bag layers, without damaging any other skin. Get more information about our Ultherapy non-surgical skin eye lifting solutions here

Our Infini RF is an effective treatment for skin laxity around the eye area. The combination of control micro wounds from the needling and electro thermal heating of the collagen from the RF element lifts, tightens and firms eye skin. Find out more about our Infini RF eye treatment solutions here.

It’s important to note that Ultherapy and Infini RF are best used in conjunction with surgical or non-surgical eye bag treatments. To get the best eye bag treatment in Melbourne, arrange a consultation here or call our friendly and helpful cosmetic consultants on 1300 863 824.

The best skincare for under eye bags

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a non-surgical or surgical eye bag treatment – your delicate eye skin area needs to stay hydrated and nourished. We suggest you consider the following skin care options.

Aspect Dr Eyelift is perfect for all skin types. The hydrating and soothing, antioxidant protection effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Synergie Revitaleyes is a lightweight, liquid eye treatment that contains coffee berry extract and hyaluronic acid. This active peptide effectively hydrates, soothes and stimulates collagen as it reduces puffiness, lines and dark shadowing under your eyes.

PCA Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel firms, lifts and strengthens the skin around the eye and eyelids. Suitable for all skin types this eye gel also reduces dark circles and crow’s feet.

Not sure what skin care to use to treat your under eye bags? Our highly trained and experienced Skin Therapists are here to help you. Book a skin care consultation here

How to get the best under eye bag treatment in Melbourne

Since 2005, Dr Gavin Chan’s highly trained and experienced team of Cosmetic Doctor’s and Cosmetic Nurse’s have helped thousands of patients with surgical and non-surgical under eye bag treatments. To find out how our procedures and treatments can help you look great and feel amazing contact us below for a consultation.