The Victorian Cosmetic Institute Meet the Team

Who is Tessa Cudmore?

The Victorian Cosmetic Institute strives to offer you a comfortable, friendly and relaxing environment when you visit one of our clinics, to encourage this we thought we’d introduce you to some of our team members in a series of blog entries, because we don’t want you to feel as if we are strangers.

Meet Tessa Cudmore, Tessa has been a part of The Victorian Cosmetic Institute team for just over a year now and like many of our team members Tessa enjoys trialling new products and treatments. For Tessa however, trying out new products and treatments is rather a trial and error process as she has extremely sensitive skin.  Tessa’s skin sensitivity has meant that she always has to use the test patch method before going ahead with any treatments, which is often recommended to anyone trying a treatment for the first time.

Tessa’s sensitive skin has not held her back from enjoying the benefits of being exposed to new treatments, she has still managed to find products and treatments that suit her and her skins needs.

Tessa’s favourite product is Societe Prime and Defend which is an all in one primer, sunscreen and moisturiser.  Enriched with green tea and antioxidants, Societe Prime and Defend is suitable for all skin types and is perfect for anyone who, like Tessa suffers from skin sensitivity. Tessa also loves the hair removal treatment which doesn’t affect her sensitive skin.

Tessa loves working at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute because of the friendly atmosphere which allows her to meet new people and watch the excellent results the team at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute consistently produce. One memorable transformation that stands out in Tessa’s mind is when a patient who had struggled for 10-15 years with severe insecurities about their skin came to the clinic for help. The patient was nervous to go out in public fearing that people were staring, commenting and pointing at their very tired looking skin. While extremely nervous to try a filler, the patient left The Victorian Cosmetic Institute confident in their appearance and happy about the new life that now lie ahead.

Tessa juggles her time at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute with her studies. Having previously completed a degree in Science, majoring in anatomy and immunology, Tessa is currently undertaking a commerce degree. In her downtime she enjoys tennis and playing with her dogs.

Be sure to say hi to Tessa next time you visit one of our clinics.

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