The Victorian Cosmetic Institute Meet the Team

Introducing Debra Conte

This week our series of team member profiles is back and we are introducing you to the very beautiful Debra Conte.

Debra is the Practice Manager at Lower Templestowe. Her role involves coordinating, managing and creating a pleasant environment for all employees and patients that visit the clinic. Her bubbly personality helps with this!

Debra has consistently worked in fields that involve a strong thread of beauty and cosmetics. Complementing this is Debra’s experience with the fitness industry, fitness has been a significant area of development for Debra who was once in the body building industry. Cosmetics however is Debra’s first love, it is her passion, with roles ranging from Regional Manager of Estee Lauder companies to being a presenter on TV.

Debra has tried most treatments at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute (VCI) including Fraxel lasers for pigmentation, skin peels for rejuvenation and hair laser removal. So after trying most treatments what is Debra’s favourite treatment at VCI? That would be Dermal Fillers, particularly fillers in the cheeks because according to Debra as one ages it is ‘the first place noticeable.’ Debra said that fillers ‘transform the face in under 10 minutes. I love filler for illnesses when illness has taken volume and aged the face.’

For Debra the best part of working at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute ‘is the joy of meeting patients expectations and we see patients walking out happy, and communicate this to others as advocates in world.’

Since starting with The Victorian Cosmetic Institute earlier in the year, Debra has been working hard to re-create the culture at VCI and downtime only comes when the clinic runs consistently and effortlessly.